A Typical Scenario:

Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen…

You fire up your trusty ’68 Fender Twin Reverb or Marshall 4101 for practice and…nothing. No sound. What happened? It was working yesterday. Well, what happened was between yesterday and now, a power tube had decided to give up the ghost by creating a short internally, blowing the main or HV fuse. So, you replace the fuse, power it on again and boom! Fuse blows again. But, thank God for fuses, because without them, your amp would be getting pretty hot about now and the smell of an overheated output transformer is not very nice to the nostrils, not to mention the damage being done to your beloved amp at this point!

We’ve got you covered…

Whether it’s your amp, keyboard, recorder or other gear that can’t afford downtime, we understand, and we can help. At DC Electrowerks, we take pride in bringing your gear back to life the only way we know how – the right way.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in all facets of electronic design and repair, we’re able to diagnose your issue and recommend the proper course of action to get your equipment back in excellent shape, and at an affordable price.

We are located in Missouri City, Texas, servicing the greater Houston area. Give us a call!